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Implications of “Spring Cleaning” at My Blog Guest

I just received an email from the admins at My Blog Guest the other day. The email said they were trying to clean up the way the article gallery was presented. They wanted to get rid of the poor quality articles that were written by many guest bloggers. I can understand their concerns, because many of the articles I have seen in the article gallery are just random rehashings of posts for the purpose of building backlinks.

What Will Happen With These Updates?

I originally felt that the founders may have opened up Pandora’s Box with this new update. However, they have since lightened up a little and I think the guidelines are more reasonable. Nonetheless, these rules may discourage many people from contributing the community. Is this a good things or a bad thing? That remains to be seen. There are many people who are just there to build backlinks and don’t offer quality content.

The community will be better for both publishers and other guest authors trying to stand out if they left. However, overly strict rules may end up being frustrating to both writers and publishers. We will need to see how this pans out before we can say what the case will be. Here is the post to get a sense of what the email covered:

We have important news for Articles Gallery today because we are going to push our quality standards up soon.

We have important news for Articles Gallery today because we are going to push our quality standards up soon. is the community and spammy and low-quality techniques may ultimately affect anyone within this community, therefore we are forced to step inside and higher the requirements.

Please see today’s Twitter chat summary:

To sum up the changes:

  • Longer articles (we consider upping the allowed limit to 500 words)
  • No keyword links please: link naturally: Forget about keywords!
  • Please link to content versus home pages: Link to your other articles that link to your home pages. Content based pages are much better landing pages for guest posts!
  • Please link to yourself as a brand name.
  • Please link to someone else! Linking out to trusted sources is the best signal for Google because it puts your link in a good relevant neighborhood. Examples of trusted sources: Wiki, .gov and .edu sites, original providers of stats, official sites of cities, CNN, etc.

If you follow the above, Google and (what’s more important) MyBlogGuest will love you!

Again, we are happy to help you promote your articles on social media for free. We are happy to suggest your articles as many times as it’s needed to find you a good offer. But we need to spring clean in order to do that!

Please let us know what you think!


My Point of View

 I agree with most of the updates that were proposed here, but not everything. Here is my takeaway.

What I (Mostly) Agree With

I personally don’t like the idea of judging the quality of an article by its length. I have seen articles that are over 1,000 words and have nothing but fluff in them. I have seen others that are only 300 words and are very helpful. However, overall I have to agree that longer articles tend to be more beneficial to most bloggers and readers. This update can also weed out a lot of lazy writers who do nothing but write for SEO.

I also definitely like the idea of linking to quality sites to boost the authority of the link. This helps the entire community and makes the article richer. There is too much garbage on the Internet written by people who just make things up. Forcing people to link to quality sources will improve things for everyone.

What I Don’t Agree With

This was something that I didn’t agree with. Fortunately, after some protests by the community it looks like they are ready to change this. The fact is that keyword links are still vital to SEO. I feel that after taking time to write an article the author has every right to request a keyword link in it.

The admins are concerned that SEO links can hurt the publishers and the client. I agree that this can happen if the links don’t look natural. However, somebody did point out that keyword links can be natural too and Ann seemed to agree. My other issue with this is that the publishers know ahead of time whether or not the link has keywords in it.

If they don’t like keyword links in their articles then they don’t have to make an offer on it. It’s as simple as that. Also, what if the keywords are particularly relevant to both the article and the site’s niche? The publisher may actually prefer having a keyword link.

The same issue goes for forcing people to link to articles instead of the home pages of the site. That may be more beneficial to many people, but many sites specifically say that they only want to link to the homepage. Shouldn’t they be able to look for articles that link to the homepage instead?

My Feelings

Personally, I would prefer having a more libertarian view on this. I think it would be better to let the community decide what constitutes as a quality article and a fair link.

Writers who submit bad content to the gallery deserve to be punished because they will refuse fewer offers. However, that can only happen when the publishers choose not to accept badly written content and actually rate the authors every time they publish a post. Rather than complaining about the standards and insisting on new rules wouldn’t it be more beneficial for all of us to actively moderate the community?

What is Guest Blogging?

Learning more about what guest blogging really isEverybody is looking to build their presence on the Internet. Article marketing used to be one of the most popular ways to reach that goal. Article directories can still work to some degree. However, that technique is becoming increasingly obsolete as Google decided to cast article directories into the abyss.

What is Guest Blogging?

There are many different Internet marketing strategies. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but most people have never heard of guest blogging before. Some people call guest blogging as “article marketing 2.0” because it is a more social form of article marketing.

A more community centric type of article marketing is known as guest blogging. Guest blogging is a reciprocal relationship between a blogger and a guest author. The blogger will allow the guest to write content on his or her website. They allow the guest author to receive a backlink to their website (or their client’s website) in return. This is a system where both parties can come out ahead.

Benefits of Being a Guest Author

Guest blogging has become one of the most effective forms of marketing. Many people use guest blogging as a means to promote their own websites. Bloggers and businesses also hire freelance guest bloggers to generate backlinks to their own websites.

There are a number of benefits to guest blogging. Here are some of the reasons that you will want to take a look at it:

  • You can reach a new audience that may have an interest in your website.
  • You can demonstrate that you are an authority in your field.
  • You generate high quality backlinks that Google will love.

Many successful online businesses use guest blogging as a means to market themselves. I have done work for the founder of He has built a very successful business by doing guest posts on other websites.

Getting Started

Hopefully you appreciate how powerful guest blogging can be when you are trying to reach new audiences. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy. You will need to hone your skills as a writer, build relationships with other bloggers and tailor your writing to their audience.

I have worked as a guest blogger for the past three years. Over those years I have learned how the system works. I have been published in Forbes, Problogger, Brandwatch and other well-known websites. You are every bit as talented as I am and can get published in these sites as well.

I have created this site to help you jumpstart your guest blogging career. I am confident that you will benefit from these resources and I am sure I will learn a few things from you as well!