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You have heard that guest blogging can an awesome way to generate exposure and earn targeted traffic to your site. You have written a number of guest posts and started waiting for the visitors and sales to start rolling in. Sadly, they never come.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t get discouraged! I have been guest blogging for a long time and am willing to share some secrets to get you the results that you deserve! For a limited time, I am offering my ebook on creating an awesome guest blogging strategy for FREE! Just download it on the form below.

Time for a Game Plan!

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Guest blogging is one of the best online marketing techniques. I have used it to drive numerous visitors to some of my sites. One of my guest posts helped me land a couple of great clients, including one that pays me $2,000 a month.

It didn’t start off that way though. I wrote dozens of guest posts on sites that didn’t convert. I felt like I wasted hours of my time without anything to show for it. It was very frustrating. I figured there had to be a better way.

I had to step back and reassess my guest blogging campaign. Here are some changes that I made:

  • I learned to create more engaging articles that gained traction on social media.
  • I used a variety of tools such as Citation Labs and BacklinkWatch to find the best niche bloggers.
  • I wrote more personalized emails to convince other bloggers to post my articles.

These changes made a HUGE difference. I started driving more visitors and boosted my conversions.

My Road-map to Guest Blogging Success!

Developing my guest blogging strategy took time. You shouldn’t have to suffer through this the way that I did.

I created this ebook to help you bypass the learning curve. You can start using these tactics and get more conversions from your guest posts… TODAY!

I have decided to give away the first 250 copies of my ebook for free.  Subscribe to my mailing list below and have a free copy delivered in less than a few minutes.


This eBook describes guest blogging process in a very detailed manner, step-by-step starting from brainstorming topics and up to promoting your guest posts to make the most of them. It will be useful for both guest blogging newbies who are just starting out and serial guest bloggers who place dozens of guest posts a week. Ann Smarty, Founder of My Blog Guest

This great ebook inspired me to write one of my own. Alex H. Yong, Owner of Techmania 411

Kalen is an expert in his field. I used Kalen for a guest posting project I was managing. He did everything from link sourcing to outreach, basically Kalen is an amazing all-in-one service providere. He’s extremely creative, never afraid to present an idea that could help to improve and/or streamline processes. I look forward to, and plan on, hiring Kalen for many more projects in the future. You’d be doing your company a disservice if you didn’t make the same consideration. Matthew Heman, Online Marketing Consultant

I’ve had the privilege to work with Kalen on a few projects and not only is he extremely professional, but he is prompt at responding to messages and he also goes above and beyond at offering his expertise on the subject at hand. He’s very knowledgeable in his field of SEO, writing, and blogging, and he is also fantastic at keeping up on the latest Internet trends through research and finding out exactly what your needs are as a company. I recommend hiring Kalen without any reservation. He will help your company soar to new heights! Sierra Greenman, founder of Paige One

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