Online Content Writing Service

Are you struggling to convert online visitors to customers? The problem is probably your content. Don’t worry – we can help!

My name is Kalen Smith. Over the last four years, my article writing service has helped dozens of companies better engage with their customers online.

Why Do I Need Great Content?

Why do you need professionally written content for your website? The answer is relationships. The purpose of your content is to build relationships with your customers. Here are some compelling statistics that demonstrate the importance of using content to engage customers with your brand:

  • 80% of consumers are influenced more by content than an online advertisement
  • 70% of customers feel closer to a company after reading well written content
  • 60% of customers have a more positive outlook on a company after reading its content
  • Content marketing plays a crucial role in your online branding strategy.

Why You Need My Content Writing Services

I have worked with some of the largest content marketing agencies in the world. I have contributed or ghostwritten articles for the following publications:

  • Forbes
  • Investopedia
  • BrandWatch
  • Business Insider
  • Hubspot
  • The Content Marketing Institute

I am committed to helping your brand build relationships with customers online. I charge seven cents a word, but promise to deliver twice that in value. If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me in the form below. I look forward to helping you reach your customers!

Testimonials from Prior Clients:

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Kalen on a few projects and not only is he extremely professional, but he is prompt at responding to messages and he also goes above and beyond at offering his expertise on the subject at hand. He’s very knowledgeable in his field of SEO, writing, and blogging, and he is also fantastic at keeping up on the latest Internet trends through research and finding out exactly what your needs are as a company. I recommend hiring Kalen without any reservation. He will help your company soar to new heights! ” Sierra Greenman, Paige-One Consulting

“Kalen has written for us for the last three years, providing compelling, engaging content and invaluable SEO services that have seen real results. Professional, available and always on brief, he’s never missed a deadline and as long as we need SEO’d copy and content, we’ll be working together!” John Gregory, Oracle Legal

“Kalen is an expert in his field. I used Kalen for a guest posting project I was managing. He did everything from link sourcing to outreach, basically Kalen is an amazing all-in-one service providere. He’s extremely creative, never afraid to present an idea that could help to improve and/or streamline processes. I look forward to, and plan on, hiring Kalen for many more projects in the future. You’d be doing your company a disservice if you didn’t make the same consideration.” Matthew Heman, Freelance Project Manager

“Kalen did great work for us as an outsourced guest post contributor. Very reliable, punctual, highly recommended.” Patrick Gavin, Consumer Media Network