Is GroupHigh a Great Tool for Blogger Outreach?

Every guest blogger needs to perfect their outreach strategy. There are a lot of tools out there to help you make it as streamlined as possible. One tool that many people have started taking advantage of is GroupHigh. I have never used this tool before, but it sounds like a very effective way to improve your guest blogging efforts. I plan to look into it more closely in the near future if I have the budget to use it (as I state below the main downside is that it is pretty expensive).

What Are the Benefits of Using GroupHigh?

There are a lot of applications like ScrapeBox to help bloggers source new sites. There are also plenty of sites like Constant-Content to help you find more articles for your guest blogging campaign. However, there aren’t many applications to help you with blogger outreach. GroupHigh is one of the few software applications that I have found that can help you do so.

There are a few different ways that make GroupHigh a great tool for managing your outreach campaign:

  • Prospecting new sites to submit guest posts on
  • Using GroupHigh’s tools to analyze the site and determine if it meets your standards
  • Organizing these sites to determine which ones fit best for different campaigns
  • Creating emails that are catered for each publisher to maximize the chances of a response

The founders of the company have worked with hundreds of different firms and publishers. They know what publishers are looking for and how guest bloggers need to sites they intend to guest post on.

How Are Sites Organized?

GroupHigh sounds like one of the most effective tools for organizing guest blogging opportunities. Here is a quick overview of the process.

Identifying Publishers

GroupHigh makes it very easy to look for new websites. You can search for them by keyword, location or industry. One of the best things about the site is that it helps you find active bloggers who meet your client’s needs. One Internet marketing firm said that his company serves many clients who are looking to work with bloggers who make the top 100 list in their field. He has said that GroupHigh has helped him considerably.

Ranking Sites

I have worked with dozens of different guest blogging clients. I have found that they all use different metrics to organize their websites. GroupHigh makes it easy for you to organize them according to your individual client’s needs. You can rank these sites by pagerank, social media activity, traffic or other relevant statistics.

Is GroupHigh Right for You?

Tanya Lewis of PRWeek did a review of the service last year. Lewis said that there are no major disadvantages to the service. Her overall article was very well written, but I have to starkly disagree with her on this point. The major drawback of GroupHigh is that it is prohibitively expensive for most freelancers. You will need to pay a fee of about $5,000 a year to be a member with GroupHigh. This can be a great tool for premium web marketing agency operating on a high economy of scale. However, freelancers or smaller Internet marketing firms may want to consider more affordable services such as My Blog Guest.

I may try using GroupHigh if I have a high volume of guest post orders for SEO clients. Do you have any direct experience with this product? Please feel free to share your experiences.

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