Affiliate Marketing For Dummies-A Guide

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies-A Guide

 WHAT IS Affiliate Marketing?

When you want to offer something on your online site and you don’t have your own products and services, affiliate marketing is the way. You sell someone else’s products and get a commission on each sale. You are the salesperson of many organizations who does have products and services and want a high volume of revenues. This is a simple guide for how affiliate marketing for dummies works.

By allowing other people, the affiliates to market the products these companies make more money and the affiliate company makes also money that they otherwise wouldn’t. It’s a win-win-win for the source, for the promoter, and for the customers.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to expand the area of products and services useful for an audience. Your task is to build a blog so you can become a wealthy affiliate, and your blog has an audience that trusts you, you offer help with your products and services that you promote from other companies.

When you genuinely help your audience they develop loyalty to you, and you create the authority crucial for new others to join your group of prospects, listeners of the regular postings. What you convey to them are authentic messages that will keep your audience growing.

HOW DOES Affiliate Marketing WORK?

What will be described here refers to the affiliate marketing and become a wealthy affiliate through blog writing.

Your content must help the readers, it will solve a problem they have if you want to have success while promoting large quantities of products.

Your audience will take advantage of the ideas you offer them to fix their problems. They can go at their pace to browse through the information you present, ask the questions and communicate to you or the product vendor any questions or concerns they have before purchasing.

The faster the prospects connect with you or the vendor for support, and the faster you fix their problems the more they will buy from you and refer you to their friends and family.

HOW TO BECOME a wealthy affiliate marketer?

Note that before going deeper and actually join any vendor, you will do your due diligence on the products. You research the market and have a solid idea of which specific category of products or services you will offer. If you are new to affiliate marketing you can learn affiliate marketing from the best.

Why you would do this? Since you are going to build the infrastructure that helps you sell, you won’t be able to increase revenues from sales unless you use the right platform.

This means that you have to rely on a robust, relevant content marketing website, landing pages, lead magnet, subscribers’ lists, and other tools which will help you soar your sales, and grow your business.

And you can build the right website, landing pages, and content knowing what products and services you promote. Even a new person can earn money through this method its easy.


So, let’s start by researching the products by doing a search on the previous customers’ reviews.

When you go to titans of e-commerce sites that sell numerous items, marketplaces such as Amazon Associates or eBay Partner Network you can browse through their best sellers and check the reviews of those products.

With the reviews you can accomplish at least two points:

The more reviews the product has, it generally means that it is sought after, in demand

The reviews also show the wants and needs of the customers

Learn from the low rating reviews because they tell you what problems this best-seller product has, no matter how many items it sold

You use keywords tools to learn which of them can rank better, higher, and according to solving the problems for your target audience.

Some of the most popular and best tools are Ahrefs, SEMrush and KWFinder to get the keywords sorted by common criteria, some of them described below:

Volume – it shows the number of searches people perform using Google

Ranking difficulty – if you use that keyword, how demanding is it to rank the page in the search engine

Pay-per-click – what are the users willing to pay for those particular keywords

WHAT are the most desired products?

Let’s take a look at the most wanted and profitable products that people purchase online?

In order to learn how to choose the products which sell the most, you can do the following with the aid of a content marketing research tool.

Or you can create your own online courses to generate passive income.

You will find which blog topics are popular on what domain addresses and what keywords people on social media use the most.

Some of the most popular marketing research tools to find these ideas for your affiliate marketing blog topics are Google Trends and Buzzsumo.

Which blog topics include these products for sale, or the audience has an interest in, which of them are the most profitable?

  • can sell frequently
  • your entire audience seek them
  • your coverage would be worldwide, not confined to a local area
  • pick products that you know, you understand, buy and like
  • you have a presence online regarding them, a blog with explanations referring to the products, or educational, descriptive video, a podcast

Once you have a pretty good idea about the type, category of products and services you will sell, then you build the relevant, content specific infrastructure which you read about in section 2. It is mandatory to build your systems before because without them the affiliate marketing will give you poor results.

After you create the marketing “material” consisting of: relevant online content, communication in place with prospects, then you can go to specifics and drill into particular affiliate products.

JOIN Affiliate programs of VENDORS of Products and Services You Promote

After you create the general content of your website based on the niches you selected, you start applying as an affiliate contacting the creators of products and services in two general ways.

1) Build relationships with individual vendors

First, those who build products and services have to encourage, build sound support so that the products are promoted through affiliates.

Some will do this with their platform or website that they establish, and some will use marketplaces.

Through their own platform, you engage in close communication with them or their representatives and find out about the product.

At certain time in this relationship, you persuade them that you are the perfect choice for them to increase revenues. Then, getting the affiliate link and all setup is a formality.

2) Join marketplaces that offer affiliate marketer development

Some other products and services are only marketed through platforms that gather numerous vendors and called marketplaces.

They could be specialized in certain products and therefore have many but in a few business areas.

For example, some specialize in sourcing the infrastructure for SaaS, Software as a Service, or other specific products or services, others market a large range of products, some promote worldwide while some others offer only geographic advertising, publicity, support infrastructure.

Accordingly, their affiliate marketers could be accepted only from certain parts of the world while others make members of any person on this planet.

Here are a few of the numerous affiliate marketplaces: JVZoo, Clickbank, Commission Junction (CJ), Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Impact, Alibaba.

You go to their websites and read the info on their products and how they can accept you and perform the actions consequently to get approved.

In both cases enumerated above, an affiliate link determines your products and services presentation selected by you to sell and ultimately determined your income from selling them.

CREATE the affiliate link

It’s plenty of technical background to support daily tasks of running the affiliate programs, but you don’t have to dive into them.

All you have to get familiar with from the technical view is the connection you set between you and the vendor of the preferred products and services.

This is easy to understand because you find the instructions on the vendor’s site. Usually, they are step by step and you can follow them easily as they are highlighted with images or videos.

DETAILED GENERATION of an affiliate link

When you join the vendor’s program as an affiliate, you receive a unique ID that becomes part of the URL created to use while you promote the company’s product. The vendor is part of the marketplace.

Then, you include the affiliate link in your blog content or you can do it in email marketing and invite the audience to take action and click on the link

 When a website visitor clicks on the link on an affiliate partners’ site, the computer program places a cookie identifying the affiliate in your internet browser. The cookie ensures that the publisher gets the referral sale even in some cases the sale may occur days or weeks later.

COMPLETION of sale and payment based on the affiliate link

When a buyer completes the sale process, the vendor checks the records for the sale using a cookie identifying the source of the referral.

You, as an affiliate member are credited with the sale only if the vendor’s site finds a cookie with your affiliate ID.

The merchant who runs the marketplaces with many vendors makes reports available to you and as an affiliate of that vendor you can see the clicks performed and consequently the sales.

The merchant pays the affiliate commission at the designated payment period.

You can significantly increase sales through affiliate programs when you handle your own email list to communicate with the website visitors.

How can you raise the number on your email lists? On your web site or landing page, give your visitors value, valuable information in the form of a lead magnet.

HOW TO create a lead magnet to attract the audience in huge numbers

A lead magnet represents an online piece of information, it could be a simple file, a pamphlet, a podcast, a video, an article, an eBook, a webinar, anything that gives value to the customer.

They learn more about the meaning, use, and worth of your products, services and how exactly you help them applying all means for worthwhile support.

One magnificent way to build a lead magnet is by using canvas application. Lots of online digital creation tools display here and some options appear to organize relevant material for your audience.

From canvas, you could select an eBook to type in your message in the form of a lead magnet, with a nice cover. Your eBook contains different information that allows the reader

  • To fix their problems for a particular issue you focus on solving
  • give tips and tricks on how to improve a certain aspect of life or business
  • give ideas on how to increase efficiency, or optimization using tools
  • provide invaluable comparisons between tools, products
  • reveal how-to instructions for guidance and use of products, services

You can make your eBook as long as 10 pages or 30, it’s up to you how long you want to keep your readers engaged. The inclusion of your website links or affiliate links is mandatory for call-to-action.

By using the affiliate links, your eBook becomes a crucial instrument to raise your number of subscribers. At canvas, you can publish the eBook and receive a unique URL and include it in your regular emails to your increasing number of subscribers. Canva also offers the option to download your eBook and upload it on a different spot. Just have the appropriate location to distribute it and make yourself available to reply to prospects for further questions.

Another skillful way to create a helpful lead magnet is to use Google Docs.

Here are the steps to create it with a shareable link for your followers. You would need a Google email account and after you log in, access Docs. When it opens, you start writing and then you publish it.

At this point, at the upper right corner click on the “Share” button and name your document with a catchy title and save it.

Once Google Docs saves your lead magnet the next window prompts you for options from which you choose to get the shareable link. It shows at the next screen and where you save the shareable link, copy it to send it to people after they are opt-in.


Communicate with Vendors, receive messages from Vendors, marketplaces, industry influencers to improve your position in the marketplace and you ultimately become a wealthy affiliate.

Messages, cooperation, and communication with vendors and the other critical players in your affiliate programs and the way you do it is important to make you a wealthy affiliate.

If you are at the start of your road in affiliate marketing, it’s likely that the marketplaces or industry influencers do not engage with you in two-way communication and the marketplaces do not approve you as an affiliate.

Despite it, continue to do these to get accepted as a reliable promoter to get their acceptance as a respectable partner and ultimately grow your affiliate company:

subscribe to vendors, industry influencers and marketplaces email lists

send regular messages to vendors of marketplaces to show your enthusiasm to promote their products

send replies to industry influencers about their email content

send replies to marketplaces about the topics in emails you received

send regular messages to influencers and marketplaces, either as replies or as new messages and update your recipients on your renewed, revamped online content

SEND Invaluable Messages to Your Audience

A critical part of your communication consists of sending meaningful messages to your audience in intervals of time that you will actually have the opportunity to engage the audience.

Your messages can take various forms: regular emails, share posts in a group, communicate info on social media in the form of posting, groups or chats, using your mobile either through different communication apps such as Whatsapp, telegram, Google hangouts, Snapchat, Wechat, Kik.

Your call, if you regard your reply as an instant and it does not require elaboration or if it can be delayed a few more minutes or longer and require a detailed explanation, beneficial for your customer. Consequently, you would use mobile chats or email messages or posts.

Example of BUILDING YOUR AUDIENCE around an exceptional tool

ConvertKit is an example of a tool that is awesome in building a large audience

It is a great product, but in itself, it would not get people over-enthusiast about buying it. So what do you do?

Create a video demonstration with the product that is of value to the viewer and create on the largest video platform. The video makes a presentation on how the tool works, how it makes sense for people to buy it. Give your viewers all insights, the demo shows people ‘How To’ use it: how easy it is, how easy they can get great results.

Create a link to your website down the video that you publish it on the largest video platform YouTube

When the viewers press the link, they go to a resources page on your website is a passive strategy, people go, look and check out on different information that you provide for free.

Your resource page has to provide tremendous value showing information related to the tool, and other ways that make it easy for them to use this tool

Create trust with your audience by developing a thoughtful relationship with the vendor: ConvertKit. A great way to do this, invite the CEO or another VIP from that company and have a conversation on a video or podcast.

Ask him/her questions that you think the audience would want the answer to by checking the (link start) previous customers review (link end) (The link goes to this string ‘Search the previous customers’ reviews’ from page 2 ).

Your subscribers would be excited about it, and you can grow your prospects’ list exponentially.

Another creative and influential way to increase your customers’ base is to launch a challenge to ask them to perform certain actions while following instructions on a checklist that you provide.

This will take place during a specific period of time that you set. Send regular emails at specific times you schedule and ask for reasonable, yet pushing through the roof results to build a list of desired prospects.

I love ConvertKit as it is such an easy to use a tool, and it has great customer service. Their leadership provides continuous value for their audience, and I feel great about recommending them to my readers because I am convinced that my audience will benefit from the email marketing of ConvertKit.

Such types of affiliate relationships are built on trust, responsibility, and authenticity. Trust comes from how the affiliate marketer shows the product and all explanations for you.

Responsibility is how the vendor is involved in taking care of the customers when they ask questions, fill in concerns or need support.

Authenticity is how you get help by acknowledging the vendor, their product and the promoter, as an affiliate marketer to assist the audience in building long-lasting, prosperous relationships.

When you involve yourself in the exciting world of selling for other companies, consider that people who want to buy are eager to consume curated content, to relate with you in any way regarding the product or service of the vendor. this is how affiliate marketing for dummies work.

By reaching these objectives, you engage the best ways to create the finest results and become a wealthy affiliate.

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