Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve It

Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve It

Why communication is so important, it is an essential part of life, communication is the main vehicle that allows conveying our thoughts, opinions, and vital information in different ways. Communication actually a language that connects us with other people or creatures.

On this planet, everything communicates in different ways with us no matter it’s living or non-living. There are different senses in our body and our mind it’s like that, that captures all the information that is there. 

In modern times everything evolving, with the time communication has got immense significance, and that is essential also. In every area of life need a nice understanding, and good communication skill to flourish in life.

Communication is highly imperative if you want to be a successful businessman, a job person, or a better relationship with your relatives or friends. The method of communication could be different it’s not necessary to get a verbal communication.

Communication skill is the most powerful skill to succeed in life other than your technical skill.

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Basic Mode of Communication

Basically, there are two types of communication skills that all living beings possess to communicate. The two major types of communication which includes verbal and non-verbal.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is an essential and basic skill in life. It is the innate skill of every creature in the world. It gives you the power to communicate with each other.

Strong verbal communication is an essential tool if you are looking for a job, or business, it is our communication that makes great relations, which word you use on a particular event matter and the manner of the present is also imperative when you communicate.

In the corporate world, every employer prefers those people who are having excellent communication skills, people skills and negation skills.

Some people get in innate, and some people acquire it with persistent practice the best part is we can learn every skill.

In today’s era if you aren’t having excellent communication then it’s difficult for you to interact effectively with your bosses and client. It’s extremely important to protect our job. Verbal communication plays a vital role in human’s life in building or breaking relationships with our loved ones.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication is the most powerful and fastest way to convey information, we have so many platforms to share our thought, opinion or views using social media, mobile phone, telephone, videos, website, email, audio, radio or tv.

The best part of electronic communication, it can be consumed through written or voice format, video format getting popular among users because of its usages.

People love speed, and that is an inherent nature of electronic communication. If you wanna convey a short message there are quick resources that reach out to people instantly, like What’s App SMS, E-mail and MMS.

Our security forces use a two-way communication system through radio and wireless systems to make fast their services.

Written Communication

In modern world written communication equally important. We write speeches, letters, notes, memos, and notices. This is also an essential part to express your thoughts, views or opinion about a particular topic.

Before the cellophane era, postal letters were the main source of communication to send the message to your relative or business message.

Written communication is a masterful way to pass your discoveries your formulae, or history generations to come.

Excellent written communication skill is essential to keeping our workers safe and for future use, to teach our discoveries to others.

Skill is teaching through books or notes, and its an integral part of any business without this you can’t imagine a business.

Every education institutions use the written material to teach their students and it’s the best form of learning.

Body Language

Body language it’s like a non-verbal form of communication that plays a vital role in your success. Simply you can’t solely depend on what you say, how your body reacts, the movement of your different parts, people judge you and form a decision depending on your body language.

Body language also a skill how perfectly match it with your communication skill, matters a lot, to get the success you must develop your personality. There are some courses and books that fulfill your needs.

Body language reveals everything that you want to conceal, body language is an integral part of the interview sessions.

Interviewers closely watch the body language of a jobseeker whether they are telling the truth or just bragging. They watch closely your eye contact, gestures, sitting posture, your walking style, so it is equally important how you react unexpected questions asked by the interviewers.

Body language is the mirror of your thought not of what you say. With effective practices, you enhance your body language.

Ways to Improve Communication Skills

There is a lot of courses and books on how to improve your communication skills. There are unlimited ways to enhance communication skills. Under the guidance of an expert, you can develop a high level of communication skills with little patience and practice you can have great leadership qualities.

But if you learn from an expert its easy for you to get the faster result in an efficient way. Here are the 4 ways to command over communication.

1. Listening

When you listen to someone carefully you are able to understand the exact pain point, the feelings, thoughts, views of a person. When you listen, someone, you can communicate well with the person in which context they are talking about.

It’s a great way to relieve the person, its acceptance and the person ready to talk with a heart to you. I know a doctor he listens to his patients carefully without interrupting, before starting his cure he makes the person’s thought empty then the person starts ready to listen to you.

When you are ready to see things from other’s perspectives the chances of win become more.

2. Speak Up Effectively

 After listening to the person now it’s your turn, you can better communicate with him, now you know the context and you know the whole scenario.

When you speak, you can express yourself in a better way and it requires more than in written form. Interaction is the most powerful tool to communicate and the more you interact the more effective your communication becomes.

Have you notice sometimes when you go to buy something, how effective the salespeople having the ability of communication. They sell you things with little interaction.

3. Preparation is Must Tool

When we are going to play we practice a lot when we want to write we do write practice likewise preparation is a must before going to speak on a particular topic.

If a meeting is worth your time, then it’s better to prepare before speak, the chances of win are tremendously high.

When you are prepared you not only convey your message but also your fact and figure to show them and your point has more sense because facts show the proof and make your communication more strong.

Are you Ready

As you prepare yourself for the event going to occur and you are ready to answer all the questions, and you have all the necessary homework for the topic.

It will be a balanced approach for you and you are ready to defend, and its easier for you to handle all the arguments that are going on, on the topic. Disagreement will come but if you have done better homework, you are a better situation to answer all the queries that raise.

We are dealing with humans and every person has a different point of view, opinion and thought, we can’t predict anything in advance what questions the other people going to raise.

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