Why Email Marketing Is Important & Will Dominate 2020

Why Email Marketing Is Important & Will Dominate 2020

Why email marketing will dominate the question could arise in anyone’s mind. This is a simple question but a deep meaning, it’s a legit question.

Email marketing is the easiest and cost-effective method to connect with anyone. You know the users of mail flooding. Compared to other marketing methods because of its ton of benefits. It remains in the box whenever you want to read you can.

Why its gaining popularity in the online world, because of many reasons including google algorithm.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

The marketing budget we spend through a different medium, we get the result or not, meet our expected goal or not we have to pay, and we pay the advertiser again and again still that is not our asset.

Our ranking position in google, not constant anyone can beat us tomorrow and all the efforts can’t give the same result we have been getting previously, we have to continuously work to maintain our position.

If we compare the marketing budget the email marketing budget is less than other channels it’s a one-time investment once we built.

No dependency on third-party to promote our products and services with one click we connect our customers, how beautiful this is.

If we compare the traffic sources so as to guess how much we spent on our different tools and resources like a keyword research tool that is essential if you are doing online marketing. You know keyword research is essential if you want free traffic from Google. On the other hand, the cost of email is very less.

Our Marketing Strategy

Email marketing not only cost-effective but also offers you a loyal subscriber base. SEO works different way, it’s not in our hand when someone searching the solution of the problems they visit on our site if we are ranking on page one of the google.

To build an email list is the smartest thing to do, building a list grows your wealth it’s an asset we build.

You can learn the smart ways of how to grow or build your email list it’s not that hard it seems.

When we create a blog with the help of SEO it takes some time years to get on the first page and we put so much effort and money to get traffic from the search engine.

But every seasoned blogger uses their ecosystem to bring traffic to their blog in initial days they use their email list. We know google traffic is a free traffic and unlimited earning potential but to get there is a dream come true.

And SEO traffic is not free for your kind information you put money to create backlink and on other resources and tools. and a great internal linking strategy that needs a plan to implement.

Getting traffic from email marketing is easier compare to SEO, And a good automation tool decreases your level of effort.

Best Tactics For Email Marketing

What is challenging of using email marketing there is some point to check before using an email list.

  • We should never purchase an email list- I know creating an email list takes time and effort initially and people start buying the email list but that doesn’t give them the great result. Because when we create our own list, our main focus to opt-in only targeted people
  • Use double opt-in: The double opt-in form ensure you get a filtered result, while in single opt-in may get you more subscriber but only numbers can’t decide your success. But in single opt-in not filtered the subscriber, they can fill wrong mail id or their opening rate could be less than double opt-in. but the double opt-in subscriber increases your mail opening rate drastically.
  • Consistency is key-To maintain the connection and bonding with the subscriber is essential for a long term relationship. Because if you are sending 2 emails every day and next week not sending a single one will distract your subscriber and resulted will a decrease opening rate or maybe unsubscribe you. To avoid that situation it is essential to maintain consistency if you are sending 2 emails in a week or once in a week maintain that level it takes half an hour or max one hour to write an email.
  • Filter your inactive users- when your list has some inactive users that are never opening your email or for some time inactive, it is essential to filter them out so that to maintain your opening rate so that you can maintain your motivation level. Make sure to always keep your list active.
  • Don’t use spam words in email content-This is a common mistake many marketers not aware of the spam words. Even the sender not cautious about these words that trigger spam filters and will get flagged as spam content.
  • The title should be enticing-many online marketers don’t show any importance to the email headline. The title line is the main catchy line so that it will catch the attention of users in the first strike and ready to open the email. You should learn how to make an attractive title or use tools to create your headline.
  • You should test your email’s technical capabilities- even seasoned email marketer not aware about this tool, the best part about it, it’s free to use to help you to check on technical grounds like DKIM, SPF, Bounce Domain, HTML Formats you should run a test of your email with such type of tools.

In Nutshell

In 2020 the email marketing is going to be stronger than ever before, it’s the next big thing in the online field. You even can’t imagine the ROI you will get through email marketing. No dependency on any other third party traffic, all the control in your own hand. Make a strong relationship with your subscribers, be in continuous connection with them will bring you a huge return in return.

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