Fincare Small Finance Bank In India

Fincare Small Finance Bank In India

Do you want to know what is Fincare small finance bank, where is the headquarter of Fincare small finance bank, Fincare small finance bank started its banking operation in India on the 21st of  July 2017. It’s working under the guidelines of Reserve Bank Of India.  The bank will operate its business as a small finance bank. The main motive of this bank is to provide financial support to micro and small enterprises in India in the rural, urban, and semi-urban markets.

Inda is an emerging country and 135 crores people majority of people living under the poverty line, but due to globalization and growing digital platforms people and Indian government motive to grow the nation as a whole.

In this process, we need financial institutions that can provide loans to every need, especially to the startups. As well as keep care of the customer by providing them world-class services, and I am sure the fin care small finance bank will achieve this goal by practicing their values.

It’s a growing company and the growth possibilities are limitless for this company. The MD and CEO of the bank Rajeev Yadav say that they have the strategy to penetrate markets and its ability to differentiate itself from other lenders.

Previously the bank working as MFI-NBFC which had a good base of customers in the Microfinance sector in India. The company’s registered office in Ahmedabad. And its corporate office in Bengaluru.


Fincare Small Finance Bank started its operation with 25 branches and now it’s growing very rapidly.

Initially, the bank raised 225 crores from their depositors. And it’s expanding its operation in every segment like NRI, gold loan, 2wheeler loan, institutional finance, etc.

People doubt them because they are offering higher interest rates compared to their competitors like, initially it’s their policy to establish themselves in the market and to gain the trust of people. Whereas other banks reducing their saving account rate of interest but this bank has its own value system 7% on saving account, and 9.5% on fixed deposits.

Is it safe or not the question arises in mind but The RBI has given the license to them to operate as a small finance bank in India so we can trust them.

They have multiple products and their core-focused to offer a loan. And companies more focus to tap the rural market there is heavy growth potential.

The Fincare small finance bank customer care numbers are 1800313313 and it is toll-free.

There is huge scope In India to grow because of untapped market that needs to be taken care of every aspect of life. Everybody wants to save money for future security.

If you want to know more about this bank you can contact them on the official site

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