Internal Linking For SEO-Optimize Your Blog and Boost Ranking

Internal Linking For SEO-Optimize Your Blog and Boost Ranking

Internal linking is like a backlink, but most people don’t realize that internal linking is so important, if you have done it strategically that is enough to help an article to boost the ranking in the search engine.

What is Internal Linking

When you connect the similar piece of content across your blog called internal linking, in the simple terms we can understand, we are passing the link juice to our another article not external site.

And yes that linked post also points to your other article in the same category or different category. This is a simple technique but a very effective technique that fetches a reasonable amount of value to your site.

To get the maximum benefit out of this term identify your main niche then subcategories so that you can internally link your post naturally.

Here a question arises in your mind why we do internal linking, what is SEO, what is their benefit to our blog, is it good for our blog or is it some drawback; we will discuss these things, what are the top benefits of internal linking.

What Are the Top Benefits of Internal Linking?

It has plenty of benefits that we will discuss one by one, and Google counts internal linking as a ranking factor that is responsible or helps in boosting a site.

Your efforts diminish as a blogger if you use this term on your blog because we discuss already that backlink is the main factor in ranking, and when your sole focus on external linking then you have to put extra effort and time to make a backlink.

On the page, SEO help you as a blogger in many ways

1. It Will Increase Audience Dwell Time

It is the best way to increase the audience dwell time, with the help of internal linking the reader goes other pages and spends some time if you have written great content and the reader finds it valuable then spending time by a reader be longer than you suppose.

And that indication is counted by Google and by mistaken spending time on your blog boost your ranking in search.

And the chances are when a user finds it valuable; there are chances he will come back again directly on to your blog. And slowly you become popular as a brand.

2. It Helps To Improve the User Experience

When a user comes on to the site by searching in Google if you are done it right the internal linking help them to find the related content, then no need to go to Google and search again, you are offering a solution to a user on the same page simply by linking the related content across your website or pages, that would be a great experience.

This term saves time and effort as well. So you need to use the anchor text wisely that can solve your user’s problem, it is only anchored text that attracts your user attention that makes them click on the related content that he is looking for.

So make sure always use the anchor text that has some relevancy of your article with the anchor text and linked article that took the user on a particular article.

3. Traffic attraction to Older Post

You need some experience and prudence while writing an article, your article should be evergreen if you are not a news website, the only new site needs fresh content every day, but other blog need content that is on a general topic that’s needed should remain for long time or years to come.

The bloggers and online marketers are busy personalities, busy with to create new content so always not possible for us to market the previous content, we have new content lined up, and then it’s the best idea to bring the attention towards old articles and traffic.

Then you have the golden opportunity to redirect the funnel traffic to your older post, due to newer post that is published regularly you older post also get traffic, your older post also starts getting ranking.

4. Internal Linking Help to Reduce Bounce Rate

Internal linking reduce your bounce rate, you have done the internal linking well then it reduces the bounce rate, when you don’t internal link you article then there are chances to increase the bounce rate.  If your site has enough content related to the search term and found your content engaged enough.

Bounce rate is a metric that reflects the engagement of your content, not only content, well internal linking boost the engagement.

Show as much content as many users want or searching your content should be enticing and captivating to maximizing the engagement.

5. Spread Link Juice

No other method to distribute link juice across your site than internal linking. And a great way to enhance the page rating of your site.

This practice enhances the ranking of your all pages in the search ranking, and the best way to show the relevancy that determines in the search engine.

Maintain the relevancy of the anchor text with your article suppose you want something makes money online anchor text, the variations could be like that

  • Make money blogging
  • Make money from home
  • Make money in 2020

This shows that the link you are going to click is about made money then it’s your choice you were searching about it then you would click on it.

Always follow this rule and you will find that you are getting good engagement and link juice.

What you should avoid

Do these practices on your blog to maintain a healthy readership. You should also avoid a few things that are not good practices in terms of users’ experience point of view.

Never use too many internal linking in a single post not low, not high a decent amount of internal linking is good. Too many linking can disturb the user that is not a nice thing.

Make sure always set a link to open in a new tab because this method will reduce your page views or maybe a user wants to open both the article simultaneously.

Wrap Up

Building internal linking is the best practice for both you and your readers it helps them and you in many ways, to enhance the overall benefit it could be done by every blogger, and that is more helpful who doing it lonely.

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