7 Proven Ways to make money online without paying anything

7 Proven Ways to make money online without paying anything

by Cory Popescu

You’re at home and may feel “stuck”, demotivated, and frustrated. you want to earn more money and you don’t know-how. You may be wondering how to make $1000 fast or how to make money online without paying anything, no upfront costs.

Talented, competent, amazing people feel like this when things turn and you’ve got to take another way. Relax… there are many ways to earn money from the internet without any investment. You’ll be surprised. And once you start reading you’d love to give it a try.

Let’s start now and go over some extremely lucrative ways to make money from home without paying anything! You also can make money online from affiliate marketing and that is a very good way to make money online from home.

1) Your product with Facebook

It’s a legit way to make money online without paying anything. Create fast any product you may want to market and get the help of the Teespring community. They welcome you with a quick start guide and show you how to ramp up your sales.

Start your product creation and while you make your sales they give you benefits, including:

  • tools to create products for free
  • custom designs
  • you can also have your own designs

and just put them on the launcher for Teespring visitors.

How do you create the product? let’s imagine it’s a T-shirt. People look for T-shirts with any designs, colors, so you’re thinking to hire a graphic designer but you’ve got no money.

In fact, you can create great design without paying anything. Go to canvas and start doing your own drawings for free. Experiment, and you’ll find several ways to create the finest design. Get your own copyright design.

The product is designed and you own the copyright. What do you do to sell it? Use free tools to sell, promo codes, and buyer messaging. It helps you to make money online without paying anything

How Teespring exhibits your products, supports them with enthusiastic customer service, and pays you after the sales and you don’t have to put a penny upfront.

This site can list your products with other global marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. When you use the network they manage to process your order from production through shipping.

When products sell at the specified price, The marketplace keeps the cost of producing it and sends you the rest, the profits go to your account.

Another way the community shows care towards their sellers is by taking over the customer service. Should your customers have questions or concern Teespring jumps over, communicates with, and solves the issues customers face. You continue to focus on raising your sales, while the current customers are well served. You use your customer base to earn money from the internet without any investment.

The marketplace protects your products with the Design Guard which is meant to make shoppers trust the brand they purchase from the original, being the legitimate creator of the design.

Extra protection enables sellers to take legal action if anyone steals or copies the designs by allowing them to get the copycat’s information.

Sellers who own a copyright design or registered trademark can add Design Guard to their listing through a simple email request. In any case, Teespring bans the copycats and disables all their listings.

At the end of the process as a seller you don’t have to do anything, just be the creator. The entire cycle after the design of shipping is taken care of by the marketplace. It’s a smart way to make money online without paying anything, you still have to promote your product.

Ways to market your product and maximize your sales

You can employ several ways to showcase your product, each of them has a specific advantage depending on who are your fans, timing when they visit your promotions, deals you give.

Promote them on meme Facebook pages since they get a great deal of traffic. What you put on the page, it spreads from person to person. Facebook is a worldwide community and news travel fast.

The meme page is absolutely free to create, watch instructions on YouTube, and make one for a niche. The meme supports you to make money online without paying anything. Free print-on-demand services make these products.

The page gets stories, announcements, videos, images for that niche. People enjoy browsing these messages and they want T-shirts, mugs, key-chains produced regularly for the following. Post them to see the reactions, comments, and engagements on the meme page.

2) Your product and Instagram promotion

Build a following on Instagram, a meme page, and sell your products here without paying anything.

On Instagram is fairly easy to build meme pages from nothing as you use hashtags combined with pictures and advertising. Periodically, Instagram shows T-shirts promos in their meme page for bike race cross country niche. They created the products, they sell them encouraging people to engage and react to the pictures.

When the fans click on the product link, they enter the print-on-demand store where the T-shirts designed specifically for the bike races followers are sold.

3) Pinterest helps you promote and make money online without paying anything

Combine affiliate marketing with free Pinterest traffic to market your products and link to your website.

Pinterest has a huge number of images from lifestyle, wellness, health, nutrition, cooking niches, and large demographics ready to buy. People pinboards with images they love and want others to see. Followers can save the visuals and also share them instantly with ease.

How Pinterest works to help you make money online without paying anything: it finds the pictures you like while you search for the specific words that relate to these images. When you upload your own images, they should rank high for the keywords, so they’d appear in Pinterest searches fast.

How to make free money without using any credit card

Create blog posts with lots of images and keywords followers search frequently, for instance, an outdoor furniture blog post. You see a list of products you can purchase, and when you click on the links you enter the online store and can buy instantly.

In some cases, the store is Amazon which means that the product is promoted by an affiliate marketer. It contains an affiliate link for which the promoter set it up free. It contains a tracking code that monitors buyers who click on this link.

The cookie stays on the buyer’s device for 24 hours and any more products they buy, the Amazon affiliate commission is credited to the promoter. Similarly, the marketer gets the commission if the buyers purchase other products not only those they clicked the link. On top, get the commission when people purchase what you promote:

Let’s recap what you can do free of charge to make money online without paying anything:

  • create a completely free blog, either on WordPress, Weebly or Wix
  • include free big relevant images in the rectangle format required by Pinterest
  • create, make a link and connect to the free Amazon Associates affiliate network
  • use the free Pinterest SEO keyword tool (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/827536500254328678/) where you input a group of related keywords to your outdoor furniture blog topic to optimize your imageboard you put the blog on.

The latest freebie helps you drive priceless traffic to your affiliate links which give you more profits. Access the Pinterest keyword research tool through the ‘Ads’ option within Pinterest. That way you have a free business Pinterest account with access to ads to promote without paying.

For more traffic while employing the Pinterest keyword research tool to land commissions from other lucrative marketplaces. They pay higher rates, usually over 50% off the prices of the products, such as Clickbank or CJ. It’s a great way to make money online without paying anything.

4) Merch by Amazon is your power product offers

Use Merch by Amazon to sell your T-shirts or other similar items as in sweaters, hoodies, no credit card is necessary.

Go on Amazon’s Merch and set up your print-on-demand free account, create your products free of charge, upload your art design with their app, set the price of the T-shirts or other products, and when sold, Amazon pays you the difference between the total price and the costs.

After you set the account and upload your work, you’ll wait for the approval. Once approved and during the promotion process, you have the flexibility to change products’ details, you can change the product listing and you’ll see a default picture of a black T-shirt.

You’d change with your images, however, keep in mind that black T-shirts have the highest conversion rates and you may want to produce those, too besides other colors your fans might like. Create a powerful sales letter to attract a solid number of visitors out of the daily numerous Amazon website visitors. This contributes to your goal to make money online without paying anything.

Are you still in doubt that your sweater design won’t appeal to visitors? No worries, as the free SpyAMZ app helps you watch the competitor’s products and create something that people crave for.

You’d be able to create items that can produce a profit of thousands of dollars from home and without paying anything. If spying on competition won’t create the income you desire, think creatively.

Conceive uncommon pictures to cross-niche which create items for particular events and unusual objects. Do your research to see what T-shirt’s fit to promote for Halloween or a birthday party.

5) A powerful combination to skyrocket your profits and make money online without paying anything

You get best results when you merge all possibilities:

  • create your free affiliate account
  • your free Merch by Amazon
  • use the free Pinterest traffic

Altogether they generate incredible outcomes because you’re getting aggregated traffic, free tools, and apply resourceful skills to achieve high ranking.

It means that you’re selling and get both royalties from your own products and the commissions on the same sales. You win twice. This is a great way to make money online without paying anything. Moving further, you spot some high volume searches keywords with the free Keyword Pinterest tool with uncommon words.

The key is to notice a low optimization of the keywords in Pinterest, then you maximize the keywords for SEO and create an attractive Sweat-shirt or T-shirt, pin it, check for ranking go through the process mentioned in both Pinterest and Merch by Amazon.

Include your products in an affiliate list blog post with all the items you recommend for your following and more. The free print-on-demand sites help you produce, sell, and ship the products and soar your profits. You make money online without paying anything and get closer to your financial goals.

6) Your creativity can make you $500 a day

You also have the chance to apply for an online opportunity with almost no money down, no credit card needed. It’s one of the cool ways to make money from home.

Thousands of companies worldwide require you to find a powerful name for their company every day. One that they’ll help them build their brand, promote their services, and have the whole world know about them by that name, that would have the potential to make them famous.

Think of how big names have been built, they didn’t just come out of the blue: Apple, Nike, Virgin, Google, Amazon, and many others. They got help in naming their business.  

Nowadays over 6 million trademarks and over 250 million domain names are registered, it’s becoming harder to find an authentic name that harmonizes with the company.

On their way to success, you’d be rest assured that companies are willing to invest in a great name that will be part of their strong brand.

How can you make money online without paying anything?

Squadhelp allows you and any creatives around the world to participate upon presenting some simple formalities. Squadhelp, a disruptive agency that creates brand names and related services: taglines and logos bring affordable services to its members. It aims to balance the requirements companies have to penetrate in today’s’ more competitive markets.

Engaging worldwide creatives like you willing to respond with quality naming to unleash the power of these companies in the markets, they use the latest tech. Crowdsourcing and smart technology with AI and gamification allow the naming experts like you to find the best company names, logos, and taglines that the organizations are waiting for.

When you register for free you will be part of the expert naming community in which members participate in daily contests. They earn from $100 daily and make money from home without paying anything. You’re not guaranteed any income unless you take action.

Leveraging the tools Squadhelp provides you a great opportunity to earn income, and among others, you could use Name Mesh to get domain name availability. You can employ canvas to design stunning logos and use power and emotion words to generate compelling, influential slogans.

7) Using Marketer Magic

Another way to make money online without paying anything is to get new customers. And how to get them? Let’s look at how does conversion to customers occurs when you create a relationship with your prospects.

You’ll help the leads you get to increase their business. Start by using the Marketer Magic tool that is free for 7 days and it does not require a credit card. Using the tools with free option empowers you to make money online without paying anything.

Continue to the main tool app Many leads that list thousands of leads in the industry you’ve chosen. Download the leads you need for example real estate agents in a certain region and find their website. you don’t have to restrict yourself to specific regions, you can get leads from various cities in North America and worldwide.

Once you view their website start checking simple things like the existence of the Facebook pixel. Should you not find it, the real estate agent misses out on converting visitors, optimizing ads, and building more profitable audiences. Show them how to make money online without paying anything as you give this service complementary to them.

Look at how to install the Facebook pixel from the free Facebook documents that show you how. Prior, you already have it on your website as well and you know how it works. After you contact the real estate agents, you begin evaluating their business, investigate its elements, learn about the current scenario pointing out the weak points that await improvement.

Then you present them the reason why they need you to provide solutions for the betterment of their business. At that point you commit, make an offer that brings them huge value. Show them how you worth their willingness to make a fast decision. Tell your prospects that’s the regular price that includes installation, configuration, initial setup research, keywords, and link optimization, all these services. Show that you appreciate their decisiveness.

From your experience, these are the best people to work with long-term and that leads to better business for everyone. You give them incentive-based pricing with an 80% discount off the regular value of $5000 and mention all your services. Give them priceless incentives that they will accept your offer on the spot.

When your prospects approve, they can make a one-time payment or you propose a monthly recurring fee. Prepare a contract to have all parties clear on the rights and obligations. Discuss in advance how they will make the payment as you want the financial part to go smoothly.

Upon you sending the invoice they’ve got to release immediate payment to your preferred payment processor and you make money online without paying anything.

While looking into options to increase your earnings, you continue to choose from different ways that empower you to make money online without paying anything.

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