Online Courses to Create Passive Income of $3000 a Month

Online Courses to Create Passive Income of $3000 a Month

There are lots of possibilities to create short courses online, and a course creator can also generate some free online courses with certificates to stimulate education. When you apply a specific approach, you get good results and recurrent passive income from your courses online. These are the most effective strategies to provide you with a good income of $3000+ a month: Online courses are a high-income skill you should create one to generate a passive income for you.

  • launching my course and getting people to market it as affiliates
  • automate the process to be completely passive every month
  • build emotional triggers into your sales

For a select group of people, you propose a trial run, make available for a few days, special one-on-one access, make sure everything is working and tweak in some features to make it better for the next launch. Keep fine-tuning your course.

Feedback in this group

Use feedback to improve the launch funnel. Build excitement for the course, blogs and guest posts, social media related to your blog

Three pre-webinar emails sent to your fans build commitment and enthusiasm to attend the live free webinar. They

  • give value
  • build trust

The post-webinar email reminds people of urgency, this will be available only for a few days

In your pre-webinar emails, in your blogs, guest blogs, videos and other places you show what”s coming next, you give them information about your offers.

Your prospects find the link to sign for the free webinar and reserve their spot, the webinar talks about the people’s problems and how are you going to solve them, it’s solid information. Your free course online helps people and it’s the course pitch, it’s valuable to start the excitement, interest for those who listen now, develop their desire to know more so that they can ultimately buy your products or services.

At the end of the free webinar, you re-iterate the importance of buying within the time that the products are offered with the bonuses and discounts after which period they will go to the regular price.

And then send the post-webinars emails to advise people to buy by the date or time and get the bonuses and reduced price.

Build your launch resources

Create your landing page where people can sign up for the webinar, a couple of posts and videos. They can include some marketing information of fair size that can capture the attention of visitors who want to access your online webinar. The landing page can be concise and shows directly what’s going to happen: the webinar. The most critical part of this is the template where the website visitors come to register. During the webinar, you’ll show the details to your audience.

The landing page is linked to an email provider where you can send bulk emails to your audience. They can also sign up on the webinar platform for your event and you’ll have the email list ready to go for the webinar launch.

Let’s detail the pre-webinar emails you send to subscribers to your upcoming webinar. The first email contains information on what problems it solves for them, why it’s important they watch the online course. It includes all information on the webinar: dates, links, and all other necessary information. The second goes out one day before the webinar where you develop the story and the importance of the webinar.

Send the third email on the day of your webinar where you can further develop your story, or simply, to build curiosity you make it short and remind your subscriber again that the webinar is coming soon.

When the webinar starts you relate some problem or need that your followers experienced before, and gradually lead to a bigger problem. This will show to have a solution in your online course for your viewers’, audience’ related need.

Continue to make a detailed introduction of who you are, what your experience is in this matter and why you are so good to help them fix the problems they have. Here you can introduce some drama about your story, as people buy your experiences, good or bad they learn from it, as you did.

Your story approach creates trust with your audience and makes them more self-confident and more receptive to your presentation and ultimately to your recommendations.

Offers with special bonuses and discounts

In the middle of the webinar, give a few hints on what your webinar is about with some discounts and essential bonuses and towards the end detail on the benefits they get by purchasing it. What you show on the attractive offer:

  • special bonuses
  • special discount of at least 25%
  • have offers expire at different times within a duration of five days from the end of the webinar with bonuses expire before than the product promotion
  • live session at a later time with questions and answers

Automate the emails

The post-webinar emails will go out the next 5 days until the expiration of your offers. You send the first one right after the webinar ends, it reinforces the huge benefits they get with the products and special opportunities if they sign up before the promotion expires. In this email, you can include some extra bonuses encouraging them to sign up by a certain time/date creating again the urgency.

The second email presents more details about the product, how it can genuinely help your audience and it displays the special launch offers with the deadline to buy them. They can take advantage now of the best offer.

In the last email which is sent during the last day of the launch, show that at midnight this one-time offer disappears. It is the last chance they can get the best value of this product or service.

To increase your audience engagement you create the urgency with the deadline.

Automate registrations

Automate and setup your webinars to look live, and when you schedule another launch in the future use the replay at any time you want. There are several tools that can do this job well: EverWebinar, Demio, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja they all have a free trial.

These tools help you engage with numerous customers at their own pace and time. You as an instructor don’t even need to show up, you can tweak information at any time.

With your pre-recorded webinars you can make any changes, edit and the webinar at it looks like live streaming, perfect webinar. Based on the webinar platform, you can add questions, surveys, chat lines that show at specific times you want, display links to your online course through a sales page.

Then, you create passive income by running them again at any time your customers want because they register for them, and receive passive income.

Webinar automation

Automation with any webinar set up tool is easy. You start by recording your webinar first, then make it sound and look better and then upload it. You schedule a date and time that you can make it regular and if you can choose the option for an available replay for your viewers.

The registration page setup is simple by using a template that requires only your name. You can provide a different form of registration for each webinar scheduled at the times you want. People will see various forms and the tools tells you which registration form attracts more prospects.

Connect your webinar platform to your email, and use automation software for your emails, too.

Consistent Sales and Revenue

When you create sales that repeat, a campaign based on your free online courses with certificates, you can schedule a consistent stream of sales regularly, either every few weeks or a month, as it suits you to get passive income your way.

Another important strategy to produce consistent revenue is through affiliate marketing where the affiliates promote your short courses online. After you create affiliate members for your e-courses, help them to build the right marketing funnel to attract people that buy. When your short courses online sell, the affiliates get the money and you also get the share which multiplies your residual income. Everyone benefits from the relationship and it takes place also in the form of launching the webinar together.

Automate emails

When you get people’s attention and interest they enter an evaluation phase. People start to inquire more about your product getting them closer to the purchasing phase. Along these stages, continue to build a relationship with your customers sending them emails that guide them in the buying process. Email automation is paramount to increase your productivity to raise the number of prospects and customers.

Choose tools that automate all your actions related to sending emails to your subscribers, and leave nothing to chance. Select the tool to automate emails that can create a sequence of emails for more than 10 in a row, for example after you deliver the free webinar you may want to send 5 emails at certain times and dates.

The tool should allow you to send more automated emails depending on your campaign which can be released once a week. You benefit from the remarkable way the automation creates groups for subscribers depending on their behavior.

Some spend more time on a page and perform clicks and the email automation tool gets them into groups for which you set some actions accordingly. In this way, you create specially targeted groups that respond best to your messages. For instance, if they clicked to see the product and read more details, you send them a case study to spark more curiosity and get closer to purchase.

The status of emails can be decided before you launch the scheduling of your email by the weeks. The emails can move from drafts to publish and you save them all in a sequence ready for the free webinar launch. One more step in the email automation relates to connecting the form of each specific target group with the corresponding emails from the sequence.

The reports clarify how many open your messages, how many clicks on links displayed and those who did not take any action, so you can re-send messages to them. The funnel once started and automated can go on for weeks you scheduled and it does not stop unless you turn off the automation. Therefore, it continues to produce passive income.

Measure your webinar attendance and other analytics

Analytics is included in the online course platform showing how many people register, how many attend the course, for how long they attend it along with their contact info, names and email addresses.

How care you get most out of offering the webinar for your audience and make them profit too? Present your webinar based on a topic and your webinar and the course will be complementary. Your job is to deliver quality information and problem-solving all along.

The online course provides detailed information and steps to do something from start to end and gives the attendee the confidence about the matter and the topics to create better results in their continuous development.

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