Ten Easy Ways to Engage Online Work

Ten Easy Ways to Engage Online Work

by Cory Popescu

The problem we solve is the business you choose to run, it’s not the products and services you sell

Your opportunity is to deliver new products and services that present solutions to old problems. When you start a company the first step is to test the market for products that you build, to prove that there markets for what you create actually exist.

When the markets await your products and services and also provide solutions to someone’s problems, then this is the current business wave. A new business fails only if you haven’t provided what the customers need. It’s a new opportunity when you fix someone’s else challenges, they come over and pay for what you deliver happily.

Microentrepreneurship grows and it has various opportunities, you can dive into it, learn something, and start earning dollars in an online work so that you could change what you do for the rest of your life.

What you can do

Start looking into obvious opportunities that are close to you, many are in your home. When you look around in a silent environment in your house you immediately notice what can be done. Lots of old things that you haven’t touched in ages and they are still good could become useful for others only if you put your attention into it and turn this instantly into cash gain for you, problem solved for other people.

If you have a home computer and only have used it to pay bills and play games now it’s the time to put it to lucrative online work. Have you thought of running a few ads on your local buy and sell local community websites?  Any business you run online it would pay off to know where to promote ads on a free advertising website. Your ads can run around the clock without you even take a look every minute, just be there at times you decide to tweak them, add new ones, delete those not useful while you experiment with different ways of promoting items and services. While performing all these you provide online work for yourself and create value for your vendors and customers.

Have a garage sale

Put together in a certain place, such as a garage all things you own and don’t need them, place price tags, advertise and sell. Receiving money for your old stuff is one of the lowest cost lucrative activities that also declutter your house. You would advertise using online ads in your local internet buy and sell communities, or signs in your area with a catchy title to attract more eyeballs and eventually more money. Some online ads can be placed in the local region of large websites that spread online ads such as craigslist.com and kijiji.com

Run an event

You need to attract a number of people, the date it takes place, what is the benefit, for a price, as you create value for the audience. Examples of events are a demo night for a new product that people are looking for and it’s expensive if purchased. It could be a demo of virtual reality, simulate riding a driverless car, or a presentation, knowing more from a local celebrity. Your start point could be a large event organizing website such as eventbrite.com where you learn how to set up and run an event that delivers value for others and for you, too.

Sell with eBay

At the first largest online store the world ever knew, you can focus on a product you like or use. You simply purchase it from other places, and you have to know about it, be passionate about promoting it to different people. When you have the product and know that on eBay it sells for a specific amount of dollars, you bought it cheaper, then, you set up an online store on eBay and sell for a fixed price that includes your cost and the markup.

What you gain in terms of e-commerce and how to deal with costs and prices teaches you a lot about how to overcome barriers while selling online.  A huge plus about online selling represents developing the skills to deal and persuade people who you don’t even see, hear, or even sense their presence as they may buy when you’re asleep. Also, you can do all the e-commerce activities from your home and in your most comfortable casual clothes.

Arbitrage by buying and selling goods

You become a player although at not high scale in the global supply chain while buying cheaper from a worldwide site that lists international manufacturers of numerous products.

While doing the online work, your transactions accumulate profit, and this is what you will discover in the process:

  • how to use globalization to increase your income
  • the way you acquire or create products could be quite easy
  • various products domination in segments of international business
  • what locations to select to purchase and sell to maximize your profits

Build a product and sell it

You could link the tasks related to creating products and arbitrage when you use an off-shore manufacturer and then benefit from a giant buy and sell website such as Alibaba.com to complete your transactions. Other products don’t involve a separate, qualified manufacturer, you could do them yourself like simple kids’ toys, jewelry, souvenirs in all shapes and forms, knitted items, T-shirts, various promotional items such as key chains, pens, fridge magnets.

After you create them, you use huge coverage sites to market and achieve your profits. You could use marketplaces like eBay or Etsy, social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and advertising sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji.

Commission only sales (affiliate marketing)

Make sales only based on commission, start as a door-to-door, phone sales, and then go on the internet and see how many products make the shift from the physical world to the virtual. You don’t need to go miles and miles across the city and door knock with few responses nowadays and make fewer sales than ever.

You will see the products and their creators in the marketplaces that help sellers promote. You can be such a promoter who uses only a computer and marketing skills you acquire to produce this online work that brings to millions a steady income.

Selling products assisted by any enthusiast, perseverent people with internet marketing skills are from the financial viewpoint the equivalent of commission-only sales work and it’s called affiliate marketing. [make ‘affiliate marketing’ a link that goes to the blog that explains affiliate marketing on your website]

The popular online work of affiliate marketing involves numerous sales partners or affiliate marketers. They will actually bring profit for everyone and establish advantageous relationships across organizations, communities, and associations. When they apply the powerful online marketing learnings although sometimes on a bumpy road the results are of enormous consideration and many times than not have changed society standards.

Advice online

Many people look for someone’s advice for the different phases they are in their lives, or they simply want to learn something that you know and can help them with.

Your experience and knowledge, such as playing an instrument, business letters, or online SEO marketing writing, create images or video clips can make a big difference while earning money helping them. Your responsibility is to write a valued copy and that you honestly deliver the skills as presented. 

You would go to online marketplaces where people advertise and you’ll see what other skills people promote. Advertise yours to complement the skills already there. The skills marketplaces most sought after are fiverr.com upwork.com freelancer.com.

Along with many other freelancers, you can also put your expertise that you might think you know little about, and get surprised how well or poorly you’ll do. Just take the learnings and move on to your new gig which you use for the purpose to continue to assist.

Crowdfund your product

Having an idea you think it’s worth implementing, you might consider creating the momentum and gather supporters. If money is an issue to have your idea of working in your lives consider crowdfunding.

 The method is the right one to use when the investment is bigger than you and a small group of people can contribute to. This type of funding is frequently used with publishing books and eBooks, artistic paint, sculpture work, and music. New ideas require a solid financial backing which initially does not exist. 

You do the same steps as for any other product creation: design and build the product, promote, build the following, communicate with them, engage them, and ultimately you get them hooked into the dream. Use crowdfunding for financing.

Your product and crowdfunding can be performed online. Popular crowdfunding sites for small business include Kickstarter Gofundme or a comprehensive list of dozens of players at fitsmallbusiness.com/best-crowdfunding-sites/

Due to the specifics of this type of fundraising from any person and usually in small amounts of money it has an objective to start with: the final product outline and the funding goal a sum of money. If the amount is not reached within the period assigned the money is returned to contributors and obviously, the project fails.

Meetup group

Create a Meetup group and run it regularly. You can run a meeting from a specified location in your area or simply virtually where everyone is at their most convenient place. Lots of software can help you achieve running your distance meetings like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, GoToMeeting, Skype, and a few others which have reliable features and the learning curve is only a few dozens of minutes.

You may start your group on social media, and if you decide to monetize the membership you move it on more profitable platforms where you combine teachings and memberships Genius Network, Pencil Kings, LearnWorlds. Establish a topic along with the people who subscribe to attend the meetings, those who believe, and will get together in a virtual environment regularly.

You seek the people who have an idea to present, startups to run, or key persons of established organizations. Some people participate independently and still have a product to sell that does not make them primarily the promoter of that product.

They would represent novel progressive ideas behind and less of the product per se. The topics of common interest unite the group and create sources to incite the development of ideas within the online community you build based on these topics.

You monetize by charging a fee to the regular meetings, and also when you set up the web platform accordingly people pay their access to

  • specific groups in this community
  • messaging systems
  • private forums

Create an iPhone app

Many product creators build iPhone apps as they require to employ mobile software which has virtually exploded for the past decade. Ideas are abundant in the most in-demand areas such as business, career and money, health and nutrition, dating, and relationships.

Start with your idea and build the app using the same steps as any other product whether it’s online or a physical one. You design it first creating its blueprint, then go through the building and testing stages, with the final goal to make it useful to a vast number of people. 

Promoting only in the end it shouldn’t be the last to think of. Even when you only have the idea in your mind, spread the info that you think it’s needed to get it completed for the markets to get the feel of how people react, what they wish, and how this will impact their lives.

Getting the pulse of the market by approaching qualified leads of whom some will buy your product it helps tremendously both during the marketing stage and while you are building it.

Influential sites to promote your iPhone apps show at a simple search engine when inquiring about places to advertise smartphone apps. The largest is Google where you can place your ads campaign and more recently, companies such as Mailchimp help iPhone apps creators how to maximize results and drive more engagement for the efforts.

Taking action for all different ways of making money online means that you will learn about your promotions, meeting people, what are their needs, wants, their requirements employ negotiation, most using simple online work. While going through the phases prior to marketing, you define well your final objective about what to expect at the end of each product creation, and so you optimize your outcome.

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