SEMrush Review: The Best Tool to Research Competitor’s Keywords

SEMrush Review: The Best Tool to Research Competitor’s Keywords

Everyone needs a keywords research tool like SEMrush to find the best keyword, competitor backlink, to track your keyword ranking, and it also does a complete SEO audit of your blog or website.

This is the best keyword research tool in the online market, and everyone online marketer needs it to grow business. Millions of people using it to make their ranking better.

Every new blogger or digital marketer asks this question which is the best keyword research tool and the answer is SEMrush none of any other keyword research tool better than it. Even Ahrufs not.

Initially, the blogger ignores the importance of keyword research and that thing delays their success in the online world. Because you can’t rely on free tools they don’t show you the exact figure. There SEMrush helps you and minimizes your effort, you take only important steps.

You know what only quality content can’t give you boost in search engine ranking, millions of quality article lying useless on the web nobody is there to read those articles, quality content not enough to drive traffic to your site, you need to make a quality backlink to rank on the first page. you need a tool like SEMrush to do a complete SEO audit of your blog to track competitor backlinks.

SEMrush allows you to do all the work related to SEO in one place. I tried many tools on the way like Ahrefs, google keyword planner but SEMrush made my process easy. Not only me who use SEMrush once he like it most because of its great features under one roof.

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Everyone learns the best practices of SEO with some trial and error but you need a tool that offers you great features to make your process simple and easy.

We will discuss here some of the key features and tools that we use the most often.

Best Tools of SEMrush

Below you will find the features of the SEMrush tool we use on a regular basis to boost our ranking in the search results.

Keyword Research

SEMrush gives you all the keyword related to a particular keyword, all the keyword, their search volume, keyword difficulty, which particular website ranking on the Google first page.

With the help of SEMrush, you can find the best keyword for your blog, and which is the money-making keyword that is the beauty of this tool. Which keywords are searched in a particular country?

Keyword Magic Tool

This is the best feature in this tool and my favorite one. In its database, you will find millions of keywords and you can choose one that you think better for business.

Simply type any keyword, and you get a ton of results in a second. Right one short-tail keyword like digital marketing and you see long tail as a well short tail keyword in the data keyword volume and difficulty.

Site Audit:

This feature of SEMrush allows you to do a complete SEO audit of your client website. This feature reveals all SEO tactics that help to improve the rank significantly.

You could run an SEO audit for desktop and for mobile separately, and allow you to download the report in pdf format.

The SEMrush mobile app:

These features allow you to track your ranking from anywhere from the comfort of your mobile app, I haven’t found this feature in any other SEO tool.

You can start using it without any confusion because it will multiply your revenue.

Main Point

Position:  In this term, you will find the position of a particular keyword. This feature will show where your keyword is and your competitor.

Volume: Number of exact match keyword for that keyword for a particular keyword.

CPC: Average cost per click for the keyword will show you how much cost a keyword is.

Com: Com stands for competition it shows a lower number that means a lover competition and higher number means higher competition.

Result: it shows a number of search results or volume.

Trend: This term shows that where is going to the trend of a particular keyword if it’s decreasing avoid those keywords. This shows you the 12 months data.

In this tool, you will find the top 200 organic keywords for the domain not only that you also find a detailed backlink report for any domain, and the best part about it you also get the link anchor text.

And the more interesting here is the tools that show you the top keyword s driving traffic to any domain. Here you find the top keyword of your competitor.

Should you start using the SEMrush tool right away?

You know we write content, quality content to improve the amount of traffic. But have you notice only a few of your blog posts bring all the traffic to your site, it happens because of the keywords.

And when you analyze the traffic of your competitor website, you also can write the quality article on the same keyword and fetch traffic. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort and still get the result you want on a particular keyword.

If you want to see the same amount of traffic and result on your site you can try the free 14-day trial and you experience the quality and importance of the tools.

SEMrush pricing: which SEMrush plan is best for you and why?

The SEMrush offers you multiple plans for a different person, you can choose the one you want to start with.

They have four types of plan for different uses

#1 Pro plan

#2 Guru plan

#3 Business Plan

#4 Enterprise plan

If you are an individual then the SEMrush pro plan is best for you, and my recommendation for beginners is that they can start with a free trial that works well for them.

And for SEO agencies the Guru plan does the best for them. It offers great features.

When you are accustomed to its features, you can upgrade to the pro account and do the complete analysis of your website or your competitor website.

Sign up here Free Semrush trial

I am sure this SEMrush review has helped you to understand the importance of this awesome search engine marketing tool. You need to boost your ranking the right strategy, the right plan, and SEMrush help here to make the right plan which ranks in the SERP.

Have you used the awesome tool before, how’s your experience been using it. Let me know in the comment.

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