What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization-A Beginner Guide

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization-A Beginner Guide

What is SEO? Search engine optimization matters a lot for every online marketer, you want leads, traffic, new business or branding your business.

What is SEO, what is an SEO, What is SEO marketing, What is SEO and how it works, what is SEO writing, SEO, what, the definition of, what is, search engine optimization we will answer your all question here in this article, so stay tuned to get into deeper.

Search engine optimization is the thing, that the content you write to be discovered through a search organic search results by specific keywords.

Why SEO matters a lot to a blogger or online marketer because you get the free huge traffic year after year without an ad spend.

But the main questions arise here how do you optimize your content for SEO so that you appear in the search result.

There is numerous factor that is responsible for SEO, you need to know those factors and work accordingly to get in search result on the first page.

What is Search Engine and How It Works

We can understand it through a library, like library works but it has stored physical copies of the books, but in search engines having the digitals web pages for different topics, it is set for different keywords called an algorithm.

When you type a keyword in Google to search something it shows the most relevant, fresh and indexed data that is stored in a nearby location.

To provide the most relevant information it works on many factors, Google evolving itself every day to offer the best services and you have to keep updating your content, your data and you work accordingly so that you fulfill all the criteria of Google to rank high in the search result.

How SEO Works

All the search engine have their own factors to shows in the first result. All the search engine’s major goal is to provide the best information that has in hand.

All the search engine has their own algorithm, instance Instagram has their own terminology, twitter has their own, so if you want more organic traffic to your web pages then you have to understand the algorithm and cater accordingly.

Google is the world’s largest search engine that having almost 90% traffic. That’s why everybody optimizes for Google instead of Bing, or any other search engine.

How To Optimize For Google

Nobody knows exactly how many total factors are there to rank in google, but most of the gurus say that there is more than 200 ranking factor that is responsible.

Nobody knows what all of these ranking factors are, we know only a few of them that are major ranking factors.

A website can be rank for different keywords or thousands of keyword if you fulfill most of the Google criteria, its not necessary that you all the post will rank, the most relevant and best result that you nurture with utmost care fetch the result.

There are some key factors that are responsible to optimize for Google, it is uncovered the factors that matters in google ranking.

We will see here some facts that are most important:

Your Web Pages should Be Crawl

Even before ranking in google your content should be crawled by Google that’s how Google knows about your content existence.

Google has several ways to detect the content but crawling is the primary method. Whenever you add some data on your website Google comes to know about it through the already published links or webs.

Suppose you have a backlink from other site and that site already index in google when google scans it to find your data over there.

The experts say that there are few structures of the rule of google if your blog not following that criteria then google algorithm can’t scan or not competent to crawl.

  • Internal linking matters a lot in the google eyes without internal linking it won’t get crawled.
  • Nofollow Links when a link having no-follow tag then won’t get crawled by Google.
  • Noindexed Pages: when you exclude the pages that you won’t index by google.
  • Blocks in robot.txt: if pages are blocked then it’s not crawled by Google.

Mobile Friendly

The increasing numbers of mobile users every day and Google prefer that website that is built mobile-friendly.

Google shows those results that are best to offer the best user experience. The user just takes a few seconds to load if not then he hit the back button that leads to dissatisfaction. So make sure to create a mobile-friendly website for the best user experience.


Why Google prefer page speed and the ranking factor because Google never wants to show the pages again in the search result that is taking much time to load, Google wants its users happy.

If your site too much time to load then google decrease the ranking and get those result in front that is having a fast loading speed.

Search Result

To solve the people’s problem and to offer the best result it shows the most relevant option we say its keyword.

So try to connect with your niche or topic don’t distract from it. This is also a factor of ranking high in Google.

It shows the keyword that highly co-relative to each other and gives preference accordingly.


This is the most popular ranking factor in Google, and having high weightage. In simple terms how many websites linking your website, like an election who gets maximum vote win the election likewise backlink are like votes,

Who will get a maximum backlink on a particular keyword gets high ranking in google, this is how Google algorithm works.

More unique blog referring your domain more the chances of ranking on the first page. 

Building a link is a tedious thing, especially for newbie bloggers, it takes time and effort and not a quick thing that gets a result. It’s a challenging task and takes months of effort.

There are tons of link building options out there, you will get excess of the information about link building, here in this post not possible to accumulate so much information.


The backlink quality matters, you can’t compare a backlink in numbers, it’s not quantity, while quality having more weightage, because Google Give more value to a trusted site that is here for years with good da and pa means domain authority and page authority that’s a measurement tool to measure any blog or website.

A backlink from a high authority website having more valuable than a low authority blog. Sometimes one backlink is enough to boost the ranking rather than a thousand backlinks.

Make sure to get a link from high authority pages than a low one.

The only backlink is not enough to boost a website, website authority also matters, have you notice that few articles ranking in google without getting any backlink, it’s possible when the website authority is very high.

Content Quality Count

Google or any search engine evolving itself day by day, shows the result on the first page that is most relevant to the search queries and with excellent content.

To build trust takes time, behind the scene there is a lot effort of many people to win the trust, google also works with a website that is highly authoritative and quality.

Not only quality content, the freshness of content equally important to maintain the ranking. The online world moving fast a single update moves the things.

Final Thoughts

Now you the things how SEO works what attributes matters in Google’s eye, the quick guide would help in some way.

But that’s not a guarantee because search engine algorithms change every day one thing in running now but couldn’t tomorrow.

SEO wants you to learn it every day to stay in the field.

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